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Lincoln Essay

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  • on October 4, 2012
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What makes the President of the United States of America so important to the creation and influence of history? How do you grade such and influential person. Each president up to date has had a profound impact on what America is today. For good or bad, a president is responsible for the welfare and safety of the American people.   Decisions by the president of the United States shape the American culture and define what it is to be an American. One president, in particular who shaped America was none other then our 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.
Looking back and analyzing President Lincoln can be a complex and tantalizing task. With every president comes responsibility. With their actions presidents like Lincoln will be questioned and judged through all of American history. To understand Lincoln, one must first look at who he was as an individual to understand the stance of what he felt was Important.
Abraham Lincoln was born on the 12th of February in 1809, In Harding Country, Kentucky. His father was Thomas Lincoln and birth mother Nancy Hanks. Abraham Lincoln was moved from state to state quite often as a child. He moved to Indiana when his father lost most of their property due to land titles in Kentucky. Abraham learned how to axe and plow to help his father build a house out of harvest wood.   In late 1817 Abraham lost his mother from an illness called “milk sick”, which was caused by drinking the milk of cows that had grazed on poisonous white snakeroot. Not to far after, Lincolns father remarried to a women named Sarah Bush Johnson. His stepmother encouraged Abraham to read, learn, and gave him the ambition for self-improvement. Abrahams thrust for knowledge and reading put a strain on him and his father. Thomas Lincoln neither encouraged nor understood his son’s intellectual ambitions and would call Abraham “lazy”, for reading over working.   When Thomas lay dying in January of 1851, he sent word that he wanted to say goodbye to his...

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