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Linux Essays Essay

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Linux Basic Commands
Y.Shashidhar shashi@cse.iitb.ac.in

Basic Linux Commands
• File Handling • Text Processing • System Administration • Process Management • Archival • Network • File Systems • Advanced Commands

Sources to learn commands??

Primary – man(manual) pages. 

man   ­ shows all information about the  command   ­­help  ­ shows the available options  for that command    

Secondary – Books and Internet

File Handling commands

• mkdir – make directories                                                                           Usage: mkdir [OPTION] DIRECTORY...                                        eg. mkdir prabhat

• ls – list directory contents                                                                          Usage: ls [OPTION]... [FILE]...                                                        eg. ls, ls ­l, ls prabhat

• cd – changes directories                                                                             Usage: cd [DIRECTORY]                                                                 eg. cd prabhat

File Handling(contd...)

• pwd ­  print name of current working directory                                     Usage: pwd                        

• vim – Vi Improved, a programmers text editor                                      Usage: vim [OPTION] [file]...                                                          eg. vim file1.txt                                                  

File Handling(contd...)

cp – copy files and directories                                              

         Usage: cp [OPTION]... SOURCE DEST                                     cp sample_copy.txt target_dir                              

         eg. cp sample.txt sample_copy.txt                              

mv – move (rename) files                                                     

        Usage: mv [OPTION]... SOURCE DEST                     ...

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