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Lippmann vs Kennan on Containment Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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The main point of George Kennan’s (1947) essay was that the Soviet Union “could not enjoy a peaceful coexistence with the capitalist world.” He said, the Soviets were seeking to spread Socialism and considered capitalism its greatest enemy which would not be allowed to influence the people of Russia. In March of 1947, Kennan views influenced President Truman, and were the basis for the presidential proclamation known as the Truman Doctrine. His essay “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” was the first article written referencing the policy of containment.
The essay outlined the answers to five basic questions about the United States international environment and it analyzed the “Soviet Union’s postwar outlook; the background of this outlook; a projection on practical Soviet policy, both officially and unofficially; and deductions from the standpoint of United States foreign policy.” Kennan characterized the Soviet state as believing that it has been harness and girdled by the United States and its allies which is naturally combative and prone to become hostile towards the Russia. Kennan says that the Russian people are ruled by a tyrant and these ideas are not their views but the viewpoint the Communist Party. In other words, there can be a peaceful coexistence between Communist and a capitalist country if the country such as United States would consider a foreign policy that stressed coexistence, rather than aggression, once circumstances improved. In his essay Kennan suggested that the United States must contain the Soviet Union in order to prevent Socialism from expanding beyond it current borders.
Containment is described as the “basic idea of resisting the expansion of Soviet power by exercising the political, diplomatic, economic, moral, and military power of the US and its allies.” It is a post-war concept of George F. Kennan on how the United States and its allies should deal with the Soviet Union. At the end of the World War II it was apparent...

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