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List of Solutions for Chief Executive Officer of „Orbit Records” Essay

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To: Chief Executive Officer of „ORBIT RECORDS”  
From: Arthur Smirnoff from Human Resource Department
Subject: List of solutions for company
Date: 09.02.2012

I have researched staff questionnaires summary and noticed a lot of issues in our company.   I am going to produce information about how we can improve our company issues and make better work conditions inside the company.
Firstly, as we see, a lot of employees feel that they don’t participate in decision-making. To solve this issue we need to make organization meetings once in a month where all employees from every department can discuss about things they don’t like in work process. And another helpful thing will be make opportunity for everyone to present offers to CEO. For that IT department should provide intranet in our company.
Secondly, fifty percent’s of employees don’t have enough contact with senior manager and thirty two don’t know if they have. For best efficiency that issue is not acceptable! Of course, intranet will helps somehow, but for much better communication between employees and their senior managers you must add new duty for him, so he must stay in office at least for 3 hours.
Thirdly, almost all employees don’t understand the company’s objectives and overall strategy. I think that everyone must be informed about company’s achievements and failures. Best improvement would be to make yearly presentations with statistics and strategy of the company.
And finally, as we know, last years was not profitable for company and if you will accept all of improvements, employees will work much better then now and it will help to make our company successful!

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