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Literature Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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Theme of the inner Conflict and the conflict between   bad and evil in the world   in the human soul

One of the most important and prominent themes in Doctor Faustus is by far the conflict between good and evil in the world and the human soul. Doctor Faustus is frequently accompanied by two angels, one good and one evil.  Both spirits try to advise him on a course of action, with the evil one usually being more influential over his mind. These two angels embody the internal battle that is raging inside of Faustus. As in  act1 scene 1 good and bad angel play with the ears of Faustus and the good angel tries to convince him to let the book of magic aside and read the scripture while the bad angel says to him
"wherein all nature's treasury is contained
be thou on earth as jove in the sky" and attempt him with the unlimited power,thus Faustus   ealizes that it is folly to relinquish(yt5ala 3n) heavenly pleasures for fleeting mortal happiness. And this also shown In act 2 scene 1 faustus was confused as when he is looking to the heaven , he feel regret and cursed meph because meph deprived him of the joy   then the good and bad angels enter when   he thinks   about the repentance   and started to play with the ears and Faustus says

my heart's so hardened I cannot repent
scarce can I named salvation , faith or heaven

Although he has moments of contrition (Nadam), he quickly shoves aside thoughts of God and turns to evil.  Marlowe attempted to express to his audience that while prayer and repentance are the paths to heaven, sin and mortal pleasure are very hard temptations to pass over. And the devils perform the role of these temptation such as Beelzebub the one who   tells Faustus that they have come from hell to show Faustus a good time. Faustus   partakes in many pleasures with devils and is even shown the seven deadly sins in person. They are (1-pride 2-envy   3-covetousness
(greedy) 4- wrath (anger) 5- gluttony   sharaha 6- sloth (laziness) 7-   lechery (fgoor).

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