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Llllll Essay

  • Submitted by: camiazula
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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lMelany was a teen of 14 years old, that lived with her two parents : Mr and Mrs Burton and her sister Kate. Melany`s Father was   vicepresident   of an important company, and for this reason he was never home. Melany’s mom was an housewife obsessed with looking beautiful and having expensive clothes.
Melany was a shy girl, very intelligent and very dedicated in their Studies and she had few friends. Her Best friend was Called Rohona   Pilcher and she was studying in the same school as Melanie. at school there Was a girl called Valery, she was beautiful and popular, and melany and melany always wanted be   like her to have many friends as she.
Melany was working as a volunteer in a hospital because she liked helping people, Everything in her life was normal Until one day Melanie asked her father if she was beautiful, and her father replied him that she would be beautiful when she don't had childhood obesity.Then Melany felt bad for what his father said to him and she began to obsessing with calories and food,she began to diet, and   began to feel more beautifull, and this motivated her to continue with the diet to lose weight.
Melany was so obsessed that   she   stopped Eating, and   this began to affect the school performance and her concentration, Melany thought that this was normal until one day when she was working, the Dr. Vosch   Said him that she dont   looked well, and the dr called melany’s mom.
after talking with Dr. Vosch's mother Melanie began to
care more for her and said I had to eat right, but
Melanie ignored him, but his mother said to stop making these
silly diets, and Melanie replied that it was silly because she
also made them. After a while he began to worsen and Melany
began to suffer from anorexia, until your problem gets worse and was
emergency hospital, Melanie did not know he had a problem and who suffered from anorexia, she just wanted to lose weight and keep thinning, but did not realize he was already way too thin and his life...

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  • Submitted by: camiazula
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 686 words
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