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Longman Reader Outline

  • Submitted by: mikeyb12
  • on October 4, 2012
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The Longman Reader

  I.) The Reading Process
  A. This book is very complex. It contains language that will move you, images that will enlarge your understanding of other people, and ideas that will transform your views on complex issues. This book also helps you build a repertoire of reading skills.
  B. This three stage process that will help you get the most out of the book’s selections and ultimately improve your writing:
  1.) Stage One: Get an Overview of the Selection
  a.) Get into a quiet place to increase your concentration.
(To ensure a good first reading...)
  b.) Read the biographical note that precedes the selection. It can help you evaluate the writer’s credibility as well as his or her slant on the object.
  c.) Do the Pre-Reading Journal Entry assignment, which precedes the selection. The assignment helps you explore your thoughts about a key point in the selection. Once you do this, you will read the selection with special care and more attention.
  d.) Consider the selection’s title.
  e.) Read the selection straight through for pleasure and make yourself get drawn into the world that the other is creating.
  f.) Think about the selection and your its first impression on you. Ask if you like it or not.
  2.) Stage Two: Deepen Your Sense of the Selection
  a.) Second reading will help you identify specific figures.
  b.) Mortimer Alder believes that argues in his 1940 essay that the physical act of annotating etches the writer’s ideas more into the mind, helping them remember them more easily.
  c.) Several of his techniques are presented in the checklist below.
(Below is the checklist)
  d.) Underline the selection’s main idea, thesis, or other very important parts to the piece. (usually in pen or highlighter)
  e.) Place numbers in the margin to designate main points for thesis.
  f.) Asterisk main parts that are stated more than once.
  g.) Write yes or no to each point that you agree or disagree with....

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