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Look Man. Essay

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Look man all i need is just one reseach paper. This papers due in 24 hours, and its not like me to cheat; but i didnt study. This paper is 40 percent of my grade, so, if   i recieve a good one my grade drops from a B down to D. So im asking for one favor.PLEASE HELP. When someone or thing gets this please ecept(my key in between Z and C is broken)this. I am now just going to fill the square with bizarre questions and answers from http://www.chacha.com/askChaCha/BQ.
Bizarre: My girlfriend just told me there were bugs in my chocolate. True? A: Possibly! A chocolate bar contains at least 8 insect parts, as cacao beans r harvested using poor sanitation.Bizarre: How many people can hide inside of a tree? A: 2 people can hide inside of an African Baobab tree, if it's hollow inside. But would they want to?Bizarre: Who was the tallest president of the USA? A: Abe Lincoln was the tallest Pres, at 6 ft 3 3/4 in. 2nd is Lyndon Johnson at 6'3. That's a tall President!

Bizarre: What is the world record for number of times kicking yourself in the head? A: The world record 4 kicking urself in the head is 60 times in 38 secs. It was set by Richard Kavanagh.Bizarre: Your body is killing and creating 15 million of what every second? A: Your body is creating and killing 15 million red blood cells every second. No wonder you feel tired!Q: What is the record for a Twinkie eating contest? A: The records is 25 Twinkies in five minutes. Yum!Bizarre: Which American president grew pot? A: Marijuana was the primary crop grown by Washington at Mount Vernon. Some plantation!Bizarre: How many bricks are in the Empire State Building? A: More than 1 million; that's a lot of grout...

Now for this part its going to be Business and Economic on CHACHA!
The buying & selling of products from an economical view concerning production, distribution, & usage.Never mind thats boring lets go to Recently asked questions,How big is the gas tank on a nascar?The Nascar cars have the following...

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