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Lord of the Flies Report

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Lord of the flies report

About the author

William Golding was born 1911 in Cornwall, he began to write at the age of 12 but decided to obey his parent’s wishes and study natural sciences at Oxford. His father was a socialist and strongly believed in scientific rationalization, whilst his mother was a keen supporter of female suffrage campaigns. In his second year at Oxford he changed his focus to English Literature, and after graduating he was briefly a theatre actor and director and then a teacher. In 1940, Golding joined the British navy and served in the invasion of Normandy. After the war he wrote his novel Lord of the Flies, which became a huge success in both the UK and US. Through the sales of Lord of the Flies Golding was able to retire and follow his childhood dreams of writing. He is known to be one of the most successful British authors, and won a Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983.

The book is based around a group of schoolboys who become stranded on a deserted Island after their plane is shot down. Early in the book the group are happy about being without adults and see it as a opportunity to have fun. They elect a leader “Ralph”, who is in charge of the group’s actions. As time passes things deteriate, another one of the boys, Jack, leaves the group to form his own tribe, Jack becomes obsessed with hunting pigs and the so called beast which inhabits the island with them. The boys become more and more violent which leads to the death of two of the boys, and at the end they try to kill Ralph before a Naval officer saves them.

Main Characters
Ralph is the elected leader throughout the novel he is civilised the opposite of Jack and his hunters.

Jack is the leader of the hunters his character progresses over the course of the book into a savageness. Jack craves power and is jealous of Ralph being the leader which is a reason why he starts his own tribe.

Simon is the only boy throughout the book who is kind to the younger ones,...

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