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Lost Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Today I sat and talked to one of Johnson Smith’s close friend Leroy Wilson, Coming

From Heming Way South Carolina. Leroy attended smith about eight years ago,

graduatuating with class 2004.   He declared his major in computer science information

System. The flute players talent brought him to smith on a scholarship from the

marching band. During our interview Mr. Wilson reminisce on how rounded smith has

shaped over the years since he’s been gone. “The school has grew with multiple

advantages, for instance the diversity in ethnicity and the new buildings that are

composed off-campus” (mosaic: art factory) Wilson mentions.   Campus life for us is

what you make it, Leroy explains how the campus was always filled with excitement.

Greek life did more and there were a lot more participated activities then now; the café

parties , the gym parties, the room parties, etc.   “It’s just not the same around here” he

mentions. However, since the president’s changed the scenery of campus has too.

When Dr. Yanzy was here at smith in office she brought in a lot of money. Though

progression of expensesces was very settle. When carter arrived the schools expenses

moved vastly. Carter has brought to us the new off-campus dorms, Mosaic. We have

cordial landscape and even a papa johns!   “Back then papa johns was Block & Barrel.

The game room. In all   most things around are still the same . We complain about the

café food and as I was told the only thing different in the café is the salad bar. Tuesdays

was still “health day” Wednesdays was still “fried chicken day” and Thursdays was still “ice

cream day”. Also co-ed hours were still 7pm until 11pm. Mosaic is the “new” thing for

The senior class this year. What was the “new” thing when you were here Mr. Wilson?  

New resident’s hall was theirs in comparison to mosaic. As I wrapped up my

conversation with Mr. Wilson I asked him one last thing… If he...

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