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Love to Learn Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Love in Education, an essay. Love in Education

Love is a powerful emotion, it drives us to become better then who we are, to learn, understand, and become knowledgeable, to make proud the person you love, or for who loves you. Socrates was famous for loving his students, and used this to drive them forward and inspired them to become the best they can be. Socrates said "the love I bore... [allowed me to] draw honey and milk in places where others cannot even draw water from wells." Here Socrates display's how powerful love is, that allowed him to see the goodness, and beauty in students that others would only see a common, ordinary man. Patrick Carmack says in his essay 'Clas sical Vs. Modern Education.', "Indeed, education did not mean for Socrates the cultivation of the intellect alone - to the neglect of all else - but since man is attracted to the good first by what is beautiful, education must first begin with the sense, proceed on to the memory, imagination, intuition, and intellect, spurred on to all by love.'(Pg. 2) Carmack says here that education should first begin in a number of steps to fully drag out the beauty and goodness of man, and to win the students attention so he will take to heart learning subjects, and doing his best. All too often students are told "Do your best!", or "Try your hardest!" But why should they? There's no inspiration, no motivation for them to "do their best", no need to try and liberate and expand their minds. Their own parents sent them away at age 4, even 2 to begin public education, and never try to connect with them. "Adults should face the fact that they don't like adolescents and that they have used highschool to isolate the pubescent and hormonally active adolescent away from both the picture-book idealized innocence of childhood and the more accountable world of adulthood."(Pg 2) States Leon Botstein in his essay 'Let Teenagers Try Adulthood'. Botstein threw down the bare, raw facts that parents have been...

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