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Lowering the Drinking Age Essay

  • Submitted by: goins32
  • on January 8, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Lowering the Drinking Age" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

If an individual is able to fight for his or her country at the age of eighteen, then they should also be able to drink alcohol.   The fact is that citizens are legally adults at the age of 18. They can vote, marry, own and drive automobiles, have abortions, enter into legally binding contracts, operate businesses, purchase or even perform in pornography, give legal consent for sexual intercourse, fly airplanes, sue and be sued in court, serve on juries, be imprisoned, be executed, hunt wildlife with potentially deadly weapons, and otherwise conduct themselves as the adults they are. And, of course, they can serve in the United States armed services and give their lives defending their country. One of the very few things they can’t legally do is consume an alcohol beverage.
My cousin, Blake, went into the military right out of high school and within the first year after boot camp was sent overseas. He served in Iraq for two years. He had to kill people in a war to defend our country. When he came back from serving overseas he was 20 years old. Blake and I went to hang out and talk since I hadn’t seen him since he left.   It really got to me that he was able to fight for our country, yet Blake and I couldn’t go get a beer because he wasn’t old enough.   How can one be old enough to fight for our country, to kill or be killed, but not old enough to buy an alcoholic beverage?
Within the first year that soldiers enlist, they are broken down and rebuilt to endure many different hardships and strenuous situations that the average civilian would have no clue how to handle. They are handed a gun, and taught to kill when necessary; risking their lives for our freedom. The military breeds their recruits to live, breathe, and uphold higher standards than their civilian counterparts for many reasons.   The main reason is because they will have to endure many more hardships and stressful situations; therefore, they will need to be able to make the right decisions during those...

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