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Lucid Dreams Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Lucid Dreams

Being able to understand what can happen next in your dream? Now we are talking about lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is the playground of the mind, where we can walk through walls, jump from one roof to another or change a couch into an attractive lover. When we realize that we are dreaming while we are dreaming, when we have the ability to influence what happens in our dreams, this is what lucid dreaming is about.

Lucidity usually begins in the middle of a dream where the dreamer realizes that the experience could not get into physical reality, but it's a dream. Often, this realization is triggered when the dreamer notices an event impossible or improbable in the dream, like meeting someone who died or flown with or without wings. about 10 percent of lucid dreams are the result of a return to Rapid Eye Movement sleep, directly from an awakening from a dream lucid. These types of lucid dreams occur most often during a nap during the day. If the person napping is able to continue their train of thought up until they go to sleep, a lucid dream may occur due to immediate REM sleep.

The basic definition of lucid dreaming requires nothing more than the dreamer realizing they are in a dream. However, the quality of lucidity varies greatly. When lucidity is at a high level, the dreamer is aware that everything experienced in the dream goes on in their mind, there is no real danger, and that they fell asleep in his or her bed and may wake optionally. With low level of lucidity, they can be aware to some extent they are dreaming, perhaps enough to fly, or modify what they do, but not enough to realize that people in the dream are only creations of their imagination. They are also unaware that they can suffer no physical damage in the dream or that they really are in bed.

There are several methods of induced lucid dreams. The first step, regardless of method, is to develop our dream recall until you remember only one dream a night. We can also...

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