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Lucyt Essay

  • Submitted by: HannahHm1
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Luciana Nascimento
Professor Onukogu
English 092
Oct. 17,2013

Gay Marriage
When someone mentions gay marriage, people often picture one of the happiest days of their lives. Whether they are still planning their big days or thinking of the one in the past, it always brings a smile to their faces and a warm feeling in their hearts. For many, it’s a dream that cannot be realized. Not because they haven’t found “the one” but yet, as I spoke to many people before, they have found someone and have been together for many years. It is because the law will not allow them to marry to the same sex. America prides itself on civil rights and equality, but with gay marriage it’s a big concern. Homosexuals should get married and enjoy all the rights and privileges that come along with being a legal union.
Most Americans like to consider themselves as open minded and non-judgmental. If you ask one if gays deserve equal rights in buying houses and getting a job etc., most will agree. However when the issue is gay marriage comes up, suddenly the rule of equality changes. As it becomes a big topic in society it seems more arguments comes against it with intensity and brutality. As reading online CNN reports that nineteen states will not only recognize gay marriage but have amended their constitutions to outlaw them.
Many people are strongly saying that children should not be raised by same sex parents. Not every homosexual partners desire children. However the majority feels that children are raised better by both a mother and father. Advocates against gay marriage will often show some statistics that children succeed more in life when raised by a mother and father. Sociologist and researchers states that “Most research studies show that children with two moms or two dads fare just as well as children with heterosexual parents.” Children are better raised with two parents doesn’t matter if it’s a mother and father or two father and two moms. The support of two...

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  • Submitted by: HannahHm1
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 497 words
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