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Macbeth Essay

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1. In my quest for answers, I stumbled upon a very important idea. What exactly is it that drives a person crazy? All other variables aside, a clear answer formed in my mind. I thought to myself, it MUST be all about where a person lives! Right?
  2. Say you grow up on a farm.. the focus there is family.. work… and ethics. You don’t grow up with a ton of people and can just enjoy a quiet, relaxing life.
  3. Or maybe you grew up in the city… maybe the suburbs. Living life in the hustle and bustle every day. Worrying about fashion and starbucks. These two lives are completely different, but is one better than the other? Will one make you crazy?
  4. How about the middle ages? Fighting every day with a sword or being a nice little farmer person. It can’t be that castles make people crazy because everyone is completely insane now-a-days as well!
  5. In what ways are all of these lifestyles connected? Between all three insanity can be easily produced and also easily prevented… So what is it that could be the cause?
  6. Does the environment someone is raised in cause this much damage? Can someone be driven completely mad by where they live? I thought about it for a while and decided that I was close…. But not right on key. Something was missing…
  7. I started thinking again about WHY it is that people go completely bonkers.. Power? Money? Fame? These all play a huge role… But again… Something was missing… Then, all of a sudden, a light came on in my mind and I almost leaped in joy.
  8. I decided that society must be the key. It’s not where exactly you live that’s what drives people insane, it everyone else with you (or lack of) in some cases!
  9. However, this idea goes much further than just “blaming it on society” I wanted to know more, so I dug deeper and deeper for the answer. I looked to the Scottish Feudal system. I figured that would give me more information.
  10. Based on Macbeth’s power driven attitude and Lady Macbeth’s “need to help...

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