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Mackenzie King Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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Law 1

“The Uncrowned King of Canada”2 William Lyon Mackenzie King, was the 10th
prime minister of Canada. He was elected three times to the liberal government, beginning December 29th, 1921. During his tenure in office, he faced highs and lows, from the Great Depression, to the victory of the Second World War. But what did he accomplish during this time as Prime Minister?   Did leadership under Mackenzie King aid in the allied victory of WWII? Yes, it did. Socially, Politically and Economically, King aided Canada in an allied victory of WWII.

King was prime minister for twenty-one years for a reason!   He was good at his job. “Mackenzie King’s destruction of opponents was accomplished by extremely polished political skill”3   During war time he showed this skill by encouraging companies to convert into war time manufacturers and turning Canada’s economy in a “War Winning Weapon”4   Canada’s production during war time for the war in the Air, churned out 16,418 aircraft for the allies, and the work force grew to an astounding 120,000 workers, which 30,000 were women.   At its peak during the War, Canadians could have produced 4,000 aircraft a year.   As sea, the work force was even greater!   126,000 men and women helped the allied cause at sea.   Shipyards produced 4,047 ships for active use, with four monstrous destroyers.   300 ships were to deal with the German U-boats lurking in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.   These ships would drop mines to destroy the German subs.   At the start of the war it would take an average of 307 days to build a 10,000 ton merchant boat.   At the end of the war, it took an average of 163 days
Law 2

to build one of these massive ships.   That’s efficiency.   The war on the ground’s numbers are a bit bigger, 11 billion dollars in ammunition, 1.7 million in small arms, 43,000 small guns and 2 million tones of explosives.   Canada was able to achieve these production rates because Mackenzie King rallied the country to stop...

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