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Magical Realism Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Magical Realism

Magical realism is a modern fiction where realistic elements are apparent, while amazing fictitious qualities also exist.   If done correctly, it will give the magical pieces a more realistic feel because the audience can relate to the authentic elements of the story.   We watched the film “Unbreakable” in class today.   It is an excellent example of magical realism.   There are many instances of this throughout the movie.

The first example of magical realism that occurs in the film, is when the main character, Paul Dunn, is involved in a catastrophic train crash and becomes the only survivor.   It becomes apparent that he has something special when he wakes up at the hospital sustaining no injuries while all other passengers were killed.   The medical staff is baffled.  

You then learn that Paul was an amazing football star throughout high-school.   The only thing that kept him from pursuing a football career, was a near-fatal car accident that apparently gave him permanent physical damage.   He then reveals that the car accident also left him un-harmed, and that he faked his injuries to ensure his relationship with his future wife.   This detail also implies magical realism because once again he walked away from a disaster, and it talks about his un-natural ability on the field.

The next instance of magical realism in the movie is the “super hero” aspect.   It starts to become clear, and is concluded at the end that Paul is an alleged super hero.   He finds himself in the city and uses his “senses” to find a criminal.   He discovers a man that is holding a family hostage and follows him to his “lair”.   He frees the hostages and defeats the enemy.   This whole “battle” is staged in a very triumphant and glorious manner.   Much like in a comic.

The final example of magical realism that is evident in the film is that Alaisa, the man who approached Paul about his “super being” and who is fascinated by comics,   is related in some way to Paul...

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