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Magnet Effect on Seeds Essay

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The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether magnets have an effect on the growth of radish seedlings.
I became interested in the study of the effect magnets, when I discovered that magnets could make you heal faster. Later I decided that that it would be a better idea to study the effect of magnets on plants to keep it a safe experiment.
The information gained from this experiment may be used to help gardeners growing radishes or other plants.
My hypothesis is that the stem of each plant will be attracted to the magnet. I think that the magnet will pull the plant's root causing it to grow away from the magnet.
I base my hypothesis on my research that states that plants have different kinds of tropisms that attract to different things and cause the plant’s roots to grow downward. I also based it on the fact that magnets attract to some things and repel to other things.
The constants in this study are:
          How much water the plant receives
          How much soil is in the pot
          How much light the plant receives
          What the growing temperature is
          When the seed is planted
          How many seeds are planted in each pot
          Where each seed is planted
          How deep each seed is planted
          How big the pot is
          How far from the light the pot is
          The temperature of the water
          What time the light is turned off and on
The manipulated variable is whether a magnet is being used and where the magnet is placed.
The responding variable is whether the plant’s stem and root grow toward the magnet, or away from the magnet.
To measure the responding variable I measure how far the plant grows away from vertical.
1. Gather three of the same size clay pots and label them A, B, and C.
2. In pot A place a permanent magnet in the center of the bottom of the pot.
3. In all three of the pots, pour one liter of...

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