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Mal’s Plus Size Boutique Essay

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Mal’s Plus size Boutique
  Melanie Guy
Everest University

In this essay I will be writing about the career path I have chosen for myself.
The career that I have chosen is that of a small business owner.   I have chosen this
career path because I have always wanted to work for myself. While working in
the apparel department at an old job I realized the type of business I want to own is
a plus size boutique. I will be going over some of the key factors that I will have to
consider as I venture into this endeavor. Though you are not required to obtain any
level of education to become a small business owner obtaining a higher education
in business management could help your business succeed. Small business owners
having a successful income is based off multiple factors. Experience, industry and
gender are a few of the factors that affect having a successful income. Region also
has a great effect on income of a small business owner. Owning my own business
will require enthusiasm, motivation, commitment and a large amount of effort on a
daily basis.
The decision to own a small business in plus size apparel came to me one
day when I was helping a female customer who was on the larger side like I am,
and watching her go through all of the emotions that I have always had when I
shop for clothing. I realized that she was getting more and more frustrated.   I
continued to search to put that perfect outfit together for her. Finally, when she was
about ready to leave, I suggested her try on the outfit I picked out. Well needless to
say, she came out of the dressing room with the biggest smile on her face, and she
looked amazing. I knew then what I had to do. I have to open a plus size store in
Panama City for the ladies out there like me that just feel like they can’t do it on
their own. Big or not, we ladies all need to look good. That night, she walked out
of our store with her head held high and a better outlook on life....

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