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Male Essay

  • Submitted by: ronell
  • on September 18, 2012
  • Category: History
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Chocolate Touch Epilogue
By Ronell Warmuth
Ten years later John got married and had three kids. Two were girls named Mary and Susan and one was a boy named Rick. Mary and Susie loved chocolate but Rick was allergic to it. Their dad never had chocolate in the house.   The girls thought it was because of Rick’s allergy, so whenever they had the chance to eat chocolate, they grabbed it.
One day the girls found a chocolate store, so they ran inside. They grabbed as much chocolate as they could hold. They didn’t know it was the same store their dad went to when he was a kid. The girls ate all the candy except for two pieces that had fancy wrappers. They both decided to have one more each. They opened the candies’ golden wrappers and bit into the chocolate. “Yummy!” they both said.
They finished and later bought lunch at school. Mary took a bite out of her sandwich she was surprised. It tasted like chocolate. The other girl didn’t believe it so she took a bite out of her sandwich. She said, “Mine tastes like chocolate too!” They were so confused but finished the sandwiches quickly.
When they got home from school their mom was cooking peppers. Susie hates spicy foods because they make her sneeze.   As soon as she walked into the house she smelled the peppers and sneezed.   Her poor brother was right there at the door and got hit with the sneeze.   Before Susie could apologize she saw that he turned completely into chocolate.   She screamed and her dad ran into the room.   John said, “What happened?” and remembered back to his childhood.   Mary and Susie told him about the candy they ate earlier that day.   John took the girls to the candy store to talk to the storekeeper.
John explained they shouldn’t have had that piece of chocolate because everything they ate turned to chocolate. John remembered the storekeeper from when he was a kid and asked him to reverse the curse.   The girls said they wanted their brother back so the storekeeper made a bargain with them, “I’ll...

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