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Man as Robots and Robots as Men Essay

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  • on August 7, 2015
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Men as Robots and Robots as Men

Karel Capek’s R.U.R (Rossum’s Universal Robots) is a science fiction play, which introduced the 1920’s audience with Robots. The term “Robot” was new to the audience at that time. It provided them with an imaginary vision to see the world through a different perspective, where men were replaced by robots and how this leads to the end of the humanity. There is a detailed disruption provide in the play about the robots and how they work by the discussion between Helena   and Domin (General Manager of Rossum’s Universal Robots), Dr. Gall (Head of the Physiological and Experimental Department of R.U.R),   Mr. Fabry (Engineer general, Technical Controller of R.U.R), Dr. Hallemeier (Head of the Institute For Psychological Training of Robots), Mr. Alquist (Architect Head of the Works Department of R.U.R), and Counsul Busman (General Business Manager of R.U.R).Though many criteria’s are set by R.U.R’s managers regarding, what is considered human but later on, the play eventually leads the robots being more fit in those criterias than humans .Thus, the play represents   men as robots and robots as men.
Helena represents audience (naw to robots), who come to R.U.R on behalf of the humanity league to investigate more about robots and how are they being treated (“Brothers, I have not come here as the President’s daughter. I have come here on behalf of the Humanity League”) (“That’s why I came here to see for myself and it’s a thousand times worse than could have been imagined”) Helena sees robots just like humans and wants human rights for robots (Good heavens, you are living creatures, just like us, like the whole of Europe, like the whole world”) (they are to be-to be dealt with like human rights”). All the R.U.R manegers try to convince Hlena that the robots and humans have nothing in common by telling her the criterias that they set to be a real human. Domin says Helena that Robots are just made for work, they have nothing like humans....

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