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Management Essay

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Issues Arising with the Musicians

The main issue arising from orchestra musician is their salary. Prior to the merger, the orchestra musicians and Utah Symphony board and management were involved in a tussle that involved their salaries.   Previously, the musicians had reached an agreement that musician salaries would increase by 12.9% from 2002 and 6.8% from 2003. The management and board were, however, concerned that musician’s salaries and benefits collectively added up to 60% of the company total expenses and needed to be revised (Delong, & Ager, 2005). The musicians accused the board of altering the collective bargaining agreement to the extent that the musicians received meager salaries. With regard to the merger, the musicians showed open displeasure seeing the merger as attempts to reopen and manipulate further the current collective agreement.   Conflict between the executives and employees can be detrimental to the overall performance of an organization. Ann does not have a choice but to resolve the issue of the musician’s salaries. A disgruntled workforce will result to underperformance, lack of motivations and productivity (Hallgrimsson, 2008). Employees need to feel that their employer values them and the perception that the merger will encourage further manipulation of the musician’s salaries is dangerous for the art organization.

Dealing with the Issue

Anne would be faced with significant challenges if the merger occurred with these problems at hand. Anne would have to resolve the issue upfront using her tactical management skills. The conflict over salary agreements will have to be resolved lest it results to the disintegration of the organization. If unresolved the remunerations wrangles may furnace internal conflict leading to disintegration of the merger before it even begins its operations. She will have to involve representative of the musicians, the broad from the two organizations to establish a viable approach to resolve the issue of...

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