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Management Information System Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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1. How should business store, access, and distribute data and information about their internal operations and external environment?
• Internal - Operational databases store detailed data needed to support the business processes and operations of a company. They are also called subject area databases (SADB), transaction databases, and production databases These databases may be replicated and distributed to network servers (distributed databases), on the WWW, on corporate intranets or extranets, or on other company networks.

• External – Databases for external use can be operational databases made available through a company’s extranet or on another company network. It may be a hypermedia database that consists of hyperlinked pages of multimedia.

• Data warehouse - A company can use a data warehouse as a central source of the data that has been cleaned, transformed, and catalogued for use by management and others, internal and external, to the company.

2. What role does database management play in managing data as a business resource?
• The role is one of applying information systems technologies like database management,, data warehousing, and other data management tools to the task of managing an organization’s data resources to meet the information needs of their business stakeholders.

3. What are the advantages of a database management approach to the file processing approach? Give examples to illustrate your answer.
Advantages would include:
• Consolidates data records and objects into databases that can be accessed by many different application programs.
• Serves as a software interface between users and databases to help user easily access the data in a database.
• A database management approach attempts to solve the problems inherent in file processing such as data redundancy, lack of data integration, data dependence, and data integrity.

4. Refer to the Real World Case on Argosy Gaming Co....

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