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Management "Its Always Sunny" Essay

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Kyle Conrad
Management Paper
Paddy’s Pub’s Poor Promotion

Management is all around us each and every day, whether we realize it or not.   The most obvious places we see management is in the local businesses we go by or visit on a daily basis.   But there are also some other places that show examples of management that we do not even realize at the time, including many television shows, movies, newspaper articles, and books.   Once you start looking for examples of management, you realize how many situations actually are using some sort of management techniques.   I watched an episode of a popular television series on FX called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.   In this series there is a group of friends (Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, and Frank) that own and operate a bar in Philadelphia on a daily basis.   The bar, Paddy’s Pub, is a small older bar which is not very popular in the town.   The “gang”, as they refer to themselves frequently, faces many small crises running the business and come up with some interesting ways of trying to solve these problems.
The episode I focused on to observe their business tactics was called “The Great Recession”.   In this episode the recession hits and business is even worse than normal for the bar.   Dennis, the original owner, decides to try to compete with cost leadership by cutting costs so they could offer a lower priced product as well.   In order to save some money on expenses, Dennis and Mac go around asking each of the other employees what jobs they actually do around the bar and perform a performance appraisal.   When they ask Dee to make them a drink to observe her bartending qualifications, the only thing she can do is open a beer.   They go on to Charlie who is burning the trash in the furnace because he thinks it is “going green” and turning on the ‘Closed’ sign when opening the bar because he thinks it says ‘Coors’.   So, Mac and Dennis decide to centralize the business even more and fire the rest of the...

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