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Management Master Essay

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Human Life and Dignity
(It is not   birth but virtue that makes the difference)
  by   Fareeha Hussain

Life is becoming so much materialistic that we resist to give a helping
hand.Now a days everyone   is so busy in making his own   that   he never bothers
to see either his neighbour had died or living.Moreover, its been always hurtful to see a
powerful speaking   the   rash words for a weak one on the basis of disciriminatory
factors or authority. Inside each and every one of us   is a person that no one knows. A
person, waiting to be recognised,demanding your attention. Take   time and talk to this
person   few minutes .You will   see that person demands dignity,equality and
Human beings are responsible for creating the Good, which we desire to experience.
In the same way,we are responsible for not creating the things which we donot want to
experience in our own life.The fairness   of our thoughts will manifest our own
world. Those who recognised the best attributes with the help of God’s Law is going to
be satisfied.Those who are moving with the good will in their hearts are going to make
their own   happiness.All the spiritual laws guide us to create good and   cultivate the
real happiness.

Moreover,being a Muslim it’s a key to commit virtue.Indeed Islam is the religion of
humanity.This Ayat often inspires me very much that even its awful to look towards
people in Contempt.
As it is said :
And do not turn your cheek [in contempt] toward people and do not walk through the earth exultantly. Indeed, Allah does not like everyone self-deluded and boastful.
Surat Luqman, 18

We have to replace our weak thoughts with the strong ones by listening to our own
Souls.We should intent to relieve the suffering ones caused by discriminations   and
other factors..My heart gently weeps as we are all suppose to be treated well. It is us
who have to make free people living in distress.As the...

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