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Management Organizational Change Essay

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Change is that cannot be avoid in business environment, is unavoidable for individuals, for managers and companies have to make their choice: control and respond to change in their environment, or manage the change process and take initiative to maximize the benefits and minimize the negative consequences. In this assignment I will consider the Mark Margolis and Emilio Kornau’s cases and will discuss their facing with different changes in their career and life. I also will discuss how these two men were successful in their career and I will consider the criteria which I will use to measure my career success in the future. Next I will discuss how well each of them could manage with changes. From the next question, I will discuss what job the ICL company did in managing Emilio’s career, and in a following question I will describe the person who was resilient in any situations and who has been experienced the same difficult events as Mark. That person who will be discussed is Rudolf Dassler, the Puma creator, the entrepreneur, the businessman, the millionaire, who has achieved everything by himself. And in the end of my assignment I will describe the top three rules for career success in constant change era.

  1. How successful has each of the two protagonists been over the course of his career? What criteria do you use to measure career success?

There are two protagonists who has been faced with different situations over the course of their careers. Mark Margolis and Emilio Kornau have been faced with rapid and successful growth and with rigid fallings and disappointment, but everyone has taken it in his own way, using their own methods which were the most suitable in their opinion. Two protagonist’s life stories were the same and both had faced with identical situations but they chose different ways.

  1. Mark Margolis career history

Mark Margolis started his career being a versatile child. He had a high determination to achieve. He was...

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