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Managing and Organizations Essay

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Tyrone: a lead maybe someone who goes beyond just coping or just managing. The leader inspires, develops, and mentors people.

Differences of opinion in terms of what leadership is.
Leadership as the trait theorist argue
        As the behaviorist
        A socially constructed concept

Main approaches to leadership领导方法
New contributions to L

Character behavior situation contingency

Case study of People management fiasco in Honda motorcycles and scooters India LTD
Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd (HMSI) established in October 20th, 1999 in Manesar (Naryana) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Limited (HMCL), Japan, which mainly provides products of motorcycles and scooters. The company aims at manufacturing world-class motorcycles and scooters from this plant. The plant of HMSI had an initial capacity of 0.1 million scooters which had been raised to 0.6 million scooters by 2005. HMSI not only focuses on providing the high quality but also on reasonable prices. The company wants to achieve the vehicle of change. HMSI had about 3000 employees and was known as paymaster. In 2004, HMSI was ranked as the leader in the two-wheeler category in India. However, HMCL experienced a serious (tragic) strike and violence because its mistakes in handling people-management issues. They failed in HR issues caused substantial financial losses, decline of productivity and great damage to Honda’s reputation.
Challenge or idea.

Theory used
-Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs p152
Needs from bottom to top: Physiological needs, safety needs, relational (love and be loved), esteem and self-actualization
When certain needs are satisfied, next upper level will be urgent desire.
-EGR Theory
Existence needs, relation needs and growth needs.
The more sufficient one’s low-grade needs are satisfied, the stronger the desire of upper needs.
-Equity Theory p155

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