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Managing Effective Change Essay

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Managing Effective Organizational Change |


This paper will discuss the methods of effectively implementing change within an organization. Since change is something that affects everyone in a different way, the way people handle change and the way management approaches the changes, either way they both can alter the outcomes and threaten the success of an organization.   This paper will review some of the reactions to be expected from employees, the processes that are most productive for management, as well as the different types of change that can be implemented for the most success.


The world is rapidly changing into something too hard to easily predict, with a hundred opportunities and pitfalls passing by every moment. There are endless techniques, solutions, and methods to help aid businesses enhance productivity in addition to improving employee’s beliefs about change. There are many specific types of change and all of them affect people in different ways. Whether it is Personal Change or Organizational change, it is a unique and positive way to help develop positive customer satisfaction and success rates. Managing people and relationships are sensitive activities. Change is something that affects everyone and can be quite unsettling to some, while most people understand that it’s necessary for change to take place every once in a while, it can still be intimidating at times. Change has to be approached and understood in a way that allows everyone to be involved with it for it to be effectively processed and handled. The most common reason that change efforts fail is that they encounter resistance from employees. Change appears threatening to many people, which makes it difficult to gain their support and commitment towards implementing changes.
There are many different types of change that fall into a few different categories.   Some of the basic categories   that the...

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