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Manier Essay

  • Submitted by: HYWYK2012
  • on November 12, 2012
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Although many people blame technology for destroying nature and causing pollution, and say that it is the worst evil in the world , I still believe that it has greatly changed our lives for the better as we can hardly imagine what would happen if we went for a day without technology.

It will be good to include a paragraph in which you anticipate the arguments against your position, but I would not include them in the opening paragraph. Instead, it might be better to stick to a positive statement of your thesis.

Technology is very popular (consider using a different word. Whether or not technology is popular is beside the point of your essay.) in our daily life thanks to its advantages. As we know, firstly, technology in the home helps people do the housework. For example, housewives do not need to wash clothes manually; they can use a washing machine.

Another reason why I advocate the viewpoint that technology has made the world a better place to live is that it makes the world smaller. Nowadays, people can travel faster and easier to other places by car, bus and airplane, and see many new and interesting things around the world. In addition, they can communicate with people in different countries through the Internet and by phones, which saves them lots of time and money.

But the most worthwhile benefit technology has brought to us is that it makes us healthier and happier improved health and happiness. Clear progress in medicine, using new technologies to diagnose and combat diseases makes therapy more effective. It allows us to cure serious diseases such as cancer and cardiopathy (heart disease). Statistics show that life expectancy in some parts of the world is getting longer. In Europe, for example, today life expectancy has climbed past 80, and people are glad to be alive; the longer they live in good health, the happier they feel they are.

So, as we go forward into this ‘magical future’, will technology make the world a better place to...

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