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Marie Curie Essay

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Marie Curie is a scientist who changed many peoples’ lives and her own by discovering two very important elements. Marie Curie has done so many things to improve the world of science. The main improvements were discovering polonium and radium. Today a lot of people know who Marie Curie is because of all her hard work. Marie Curie is a scientist who had many problems happen to her, but these problems helped her improve herself and her research.
Marie Curie’s research was one of the most important parts of her life that she did. Marie accomplished all of her work in Warsaw, Poland during the 19th century. Marie Curie’s research was important because it helped save peoples’ lives and she was able to give to other people with the money that she earned. One very special experiment was when Marie discovered the elements polonium and radium. These two elements changed her life forever. They changed her life because they both help cure cancer and after she discovered them and shared them with the world she became rich and famous. Even after Marie Curie discovered polonium and radium she kept doing more experiments to see what else she could discover. One important quote that Marie Curie once said was, “In science you must be interested in things, not persons” (Poynter 91).
Marie Curie was a very giving woman, who gave money to many hospitals and other societies. Curie won two Nobel Prizes in chemistry and physics with the help of her husband Pierre. With the money that Marie Curie won from these two awards she gave to a tuberculosis hospital that was being built. Another great contribution that she gave was discovering radium, which helped people with cancer get cured. This was such a big deal for everyone because a lot of people had and still have cancer. Marie’s husband Pierre once said, “Here is the light of the future” (Poynter 47). He said this while holding the first vial of radium they had. So, Marie Curie was a well-known person not only for her hard work in...

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