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Market Research & Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking
University of Phoenix
Jean Geer
May 02, 2011

Critical Thinking
The perception of what paradise on earth would be for Nik, changed as soon as he landed at Kava.   As for Nik's first assignment with the new company, Nik landed at Kava in the South Pacific only to find that it was a complete mess.   Nothing like he had imagined and his dreams came to a question mark.   Nik is responsible to do the most challenging task that means the strategic planning for expanding the organizations presence on the island of Kava.   Therefore, in achieving the objective, the first step is identifying the various issues, organizational, and environmental obstacles prohibiting this island to become a true paradise.   Critical thinking requires that the problem solving directly and informatively analyze the decisions needed for preservation and perseverance of the organization.   A strategic decision-making process, commonly known, as the military model will be used for organizational purposes.   The military model of decision-making is illustrated below (Nickols, 2005):
  1. Defining and identifying the problems - the identification and analysis of various issues is a mandatory requirement to plan a strategy and make decisions to achieve the objectives of the organization.   This analysis of the environment will be done through "PESTEL analysis as it studies political, social, environmental, cultural, technological factors and legal regulations"(Gillespie, 2007, p. 1).   On the basis of PESTEL analysis, the island of Kava is faced with the following organizational and environmental obstacles:
  * First, more than 50% of the population is under the age of 15 and unemployment is prevalent on the island.
  * Second, there are ample environmental obstacles surrounding the island as volcano eruptions, floods, fires, tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes, petroleum spills, avian flu, etc.
  * Third, there are external threats in the form of terrorism...

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