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Market Segmentation Essay

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Market Segmentation
If you were Cyd, what would you do? This case presented background on a fictional hotel, but these situations occur every day. As a group, or as assigned, develop a plan for the Star. What factors should you take into consideration?
  1) Improve Hotel facilities to encourage a costumer.
  2) Improve service for customer or consumers satisfactions
  3) To capacitate employee as well as the management and or the owner itself   will be the one manage and hold the management capacities.
  4) Advertise your company of hotel using a World Wide Web.
  5) You need to be socialized to your customer to know there feedback or suggestion about your hotel.
  1) The hotel’s age – a hotel new in the late 1980’s is not new now. Does it matter?
The old model hotel will need for improvement and renovation to adopt with new inns model and to cope with the consumer’s likes and trending.
  2) Its location – The Bay Area was in a downward business cycle. Is that cause for alarm? Shouldn’t trends be anticipated?
The geographical location of the business are has also a great impact on its growth of sales and market, Hotels will be best to locate at the downtown and urban areas as a target.
  3) Management contract – could the management company be to blame?
An evaluation to management contract must be in a continuous and consistent monitoring and evaluation if it suited to some abrupt changes on hotel’s operation.
  4) Target markets – What are the pros and cons of relying exclusively on two market segments?
In the market target in selecting and deciding before the pros and cons of   two market segments, it is better to rely on only one target and concentrate, gain, realize at all before another target market be entertain so that concentration in only one market need only limited time, effort and finances.
  5) Ownership – Accountability to the owners only when a hotel...

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