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Marketing Essay

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Marketing Strategy

Case Analysis Model

Each case provides at least three objective dimensions for analysis: an Analytical Dimension; a Conceptual Dimension; and a Communication Dimension.   Each of these dimensions in turn creates additional challenges ranging from simple reporting, to initial analysis, to complex analysis employing theories and concepts learned from reading, from classes, and from life.

In order to perform a case analysis that will earn a top grade, students will be expected to demonstrate and ability to identify key issues and alternative solutions; to assess the criticality of these issues and to justify their decision criteria; and to explain—orally and in writing—how theories and concepts support their recommendation.

The process begins with a proper problem statement.   A solid problem statement is decontextualized, that is, the student finds relevant issues that exist in the case regardless of the actual industry or “case question.”   The problem statement is written relying on facts, but enhancing what is given by the use of logic and inference.   All this is in advance of offering, or even thinking about potential problem solutions.

NOTE:   Reciting what the case gives you as a “problem” is wasteful.   Discussing the industry is not useful either.

The following case model is based on an understanding that the real world creates limits on what managers can do in any situation.   That is: There are only so many strategies that make sense given the real conditions or limits, and that the problem statement—done well—identifies what is actually the problem.

Therefore, each case write-up must contain the following in its Problem Statement:   (NOTE: This means you must use this rubric or receive no credit.)
  1. Identify the organizational driver or orientation. Organizations tend to be Finance focused, Production/Operations focused, or Marketing focused.   If you think the organization has a different focus, or multiple...

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