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Marketing Essay

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As indicated by the MRI data, there currently seems to be a fairly equal distribution of male and female users. Of all people who have shopped at Lowe’s in the past 12 months, about 51% have been male, while 49% have been female. Additionally, about 44% of the people shopping at Lowe’s have a post-graduate degree, which is a greater percentage than any other category in terms of schooling. By far the lowest age demographic is the 18-24 year old market; only 7.51% of people in this category have visited Lowe’s in the past year, compared to more than double (16.61%) in the 25-34 bracket, who are probably first time home buyers. Even 14.2% of the 65+ demographic have visited it in the same period of time.
Lowe’s also seems to heavily target working, full-time employees. Just about 60% of this group has been at a Lowe’s in the past 12 months, while only 10% and 30% of people have visited working part time and not working at all, respectively. In addition, Lowe’s is attracting couples more than singles, widows, the separated, or the divorced; 66.96% of married individuals have visited, while only 23% have in the ladder category. Also, in terms of family, there seems to be a positive correlation between age of children and likelihood of visiting a Lowe’s. If someone has a child of less than two years, there is only a 7.32% chance they will have visited a Lowe’s. 2-5 years, 14.48%, 6-11 years, 19.32%, and 12-17 years, 20.62%. This data suggests that Lowe’s is especially attractive to couples, probably because building a home is something more commonly done with people with families.
In terms of geographical location, our stronger areas are clear cut. In the North East, only 17.42% people have been in a Lowe’s the past year, while in the south, 44.21% of individuals have. Areas are comparably low in the North East, Midwest, and West regions as well.


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