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Marketing Essay

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Desiree Dalyrimple
MKT 203.90 Sales/Tech. Selling
Prof. Semanski
Unit 5 Questions
Chapter 10 Review Questions
5.   The major steps in the presentation plan are; approach, need discovery, presentation, negotiation, close and servicing the sale.   The approach should set the tone for an effective presentation.   The need discovery step is a very important part of the plan where the sales person discovers the needs of the customer and selects the product that best fits their needs.   After the salesperson establishes what the needs are of the customer and determines what product is the salesperson is ready to give the presentation.   After the presentation the customer may be reluctant to buy and this is where a salesperson needs to be skilled or at least prepared to address the objections and be prepared to negotiate.   After the negotiation comes the close.   When I worked for a telecommunications company in Rhode Island years ago, part of the sales training I remember the instructor saying always keep the customer saying “yes”, by asking questions that the answers would have to be “yes” and this should make the close easier.   For example, “would you like to save more than 25% off your phone monthly bill”, would you like to have reliable service, would you like access to customer service and technical support 24/7?   All these questions would most likely be answered with a “yes” thus making it easier for the customer to say yes once you’re ready to close the sale.   Finally, servicing the sale is the last and another very important step.   This step helps build a long term relationship between the salesperson and the customer.   Adaptive selling should be implemented when presenting to customers based on the customers buying style.
8.   Some rules to follow when leaving a message on voice mail are; a) plan in advance what you will say, b) be polite and identify yourself and the company you work for, c) state the reason for your call and explain the benefit of a meeting...

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