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Marketing Information Essay

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1. List ways that Dell conducts research on its customers to continually improve
products and services.

Dell posts online questionnaires to create customer responses to specific ideas as part of their market research. IDEASTORM allows Dell community members to suggest interesting ideas about products and services they would like Dell to offer. Ideas can be shared and talk about with other community members. The Ideas in Action section explains what Dell is doing in product and service improvement. Dell can tackle Community members’ concerns and follow through on members’ information. Community members get positive feedback
on the level of ideas from Dell. The online technical help and various forums such as chat which features customer reviews also provide opportunities for market research. This two-way interactive process benefits consumers by allowing them to see other people’s opinions on products and gives consumers real-time help with problems. Dell gets feedback on products and services, allowing the company to improve and adjust products as necessary.

2. What are the features of Dell’s research?

Dell.com features a section called Community which provides customers and interested people with:

• Solutions • Advice
• ‘How-to’s • Discussions and friends.

Visitors can surf the blogs, forums, wikis, media galleries and groups sharing and learning with others and with Dell. Dell.com also provides technical support which allows Dell customers to enter forums (ask questions, get answers and see accepted solutions), get ‘how-to’ and ‘step-by-step’ information for specific technical issues and information on the latest ‘hot’ issues. Dell support provides widespread information including trouble shooting guides. Customers can access this information via popular topics, content type or tech support topics.

3. What is Dell’s unique selling point?

Dell’s Unique Selling Point (USP) is the facility that allow consumers to select and customise their...

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