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Marketing Mix Paper

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Marketing Mix Paper
Shawn Stout
January 3, 2012
Myles Suer

Marketing Mix Paper
A marketing mix is considered to be a type of system that uses types of elements that promote products and also deliver services for customers. “The marketing mix is probably the most famously used term in marketing. Its elements are ones that are basic, tactical components that are used in a marketing plan. Also known as the Four P's, those marketing mix elements are product, price, place, and promotion (Marketing mix, 2012). These elements need to work together in order for the marketing mix to be able to promote a product or a service to potential customers. By properly utilizing the elements of the marketing mix a business will be able to seemingly market different types of products. The elements of the marketing mix can be used as a highly useful tool for the products and services when marketing to consumers.
There are two types of product, there is the physical form which is a (tangible) or it can also be a customer offered service. “A good product markets itself simply because it gives some type of benefit to the customer (Marketing mix, 2012)” product decision has to be considered by the marketing manager when it comes to the product appearance for the customers. The product appearance must be a good one for there to be a chance that the customer will like it or even buy it. Some other decisions can be based on things such as warranty of the product and also the way the product is packaged.
Another element that is important in the marketing mix is product placement. If the marketing manager wants the company’s product to become a famous one, and stand out among the competition it is important that the product be placed or distributed well. If the product gets all the right features but does not get the proper placement or does not have proper access to those people or customers who wants it then it will not have success.

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