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Marketing Strategy Essay

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MKTG 5200 Marketing Strategy

Assignment #1: Marketing Thought Paper
Weight: 10% of course grade Due: Week 2, beginning of class
Objective: In our first class, we examined how marketing strategy helps organizations to build sustainable and profitable competitive advantage. The purpose of this first assignment is to give you an opportunity to apply this learning by reflecting on ways effective marketing strategy has helped specific organizations (companies, non-profits, government agencies, etc.) succeed. General Guidelines: This assignment carries a 1,250 word (approximately 5-page) limit. You may discuss as few or as many organizations as you wish within this limit, but you should seek to provide meaningful, rather than obvious, insights. Evaluation Criteria: Your assignment will be assigned a percentage grade, using the following criteria: 1. Relevance of examples – Do the organizations discussed in the paper represent good examples of successful marketing strategy? Is this clearly demonstrated? 2. Completeness of analysis – Does the paper address all the reasons why these organizations have been successful, or does it oversimplify by focusing on some factors while ignoring others? 3. Depth of analysis – Does the paper provide a deep and thoughtful exploration of issues, including underlying causes, or is it limited to a superficial analysis – e.g., providing the “what?” but not the “why?” or the “why is this interesting?” 4. Quality of support – Does the paper offer evidence for its assertions, or does it read more like a statement of personal opinion, with few facts or arguments to support what is being claimed. 5. Reference to marketing concepts – Does the paper draw on the marketing concepts and terminology discussed in class? (Caveat: This does not mean that your task is merely to provide examples of concepts, but rather that you should strive to use marketing language in your paper.) 6. Quality of exposition – Is the paper well written? Does it consist...

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