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Marketing Strategy Week 4 Essay

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In the marketing industry there are many ways for marketing teams to introduce new products and have the products become successful in the market.   After reviewing the marketing simulation the writer understands the situation the organization is facing with the motorcycles they produce for consumers.   The recommendations the writer purposes in order for this organization to stay successful and the future results that could be accomplished by the marketing strategy.
The Situation
The Cruiser Thorr organization has been face with a downslide of sales of their motorcycle cruisers due to the targeted consumers who happen to be in their mid 30’s to early 50’s.   Since many consumers are growing older and do not follow the same lifestyle that they have chosen before reaching certain age.   The younger consumers who ranges from early 20’s to mid 30’s are also in the cruiser life style but usually don’t have easy financing because of age and liabilities.
Recommended Solutions
The writer recommends that the Cruiser Thorr organization should increase price but also introduce new features.   The relationship between differentiation and positioning of their product is that even though the increase in price the new add-ons package would produce services that the consumer could benefit from.   Younger consumers would be able to receive financing even though of the liability the cause.   The repositioning of the current cruiser was how the writer expected because by increasing the price and allowing additional add-ons would help show consumers that many benefits come from purchasing a cruiser from Cruiser Thorr.   Also to make financing easier for younger consumers will allow the younger crowd be more interested in actually purchasing from this manufacture.   The writer recommends that younger consumers should be offered special insurance in order to lower the risk of the liability they are.     Another recommendation the writer would like to make is that by re-adjusting the...

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