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Martin Luther King Essay

  • Submitted by: celizabeth21
  • on October 7, 2012
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Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. was such a thoughtful man. H e helped many African Americans Achieve whatever they wanted to do in life by giving us all equality. He won a Nobel Peace prize to show that he does mean something to the world and he deserved it. If Martin was still alive right now I would give him a big hug to show him that I care and that I’m grateful for what he’s done for us.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the middle child of the Reverend Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. King Jr. had an older sister, Willie Christine King, and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel Williams King. King sang with his church choir at the 1939 Atlanta premiere of the movie “Gone with the Wind.”   As you can see Martin had a talent and the power of speaking clever things out of his mind.
According to his childhood he had a pretty decent life for a person of their kind. Martin and his siblings lived in a financially secure middleclass family and home. In King’s life his father was a great role model. Martin wanted to follow his father’s footsteps the best way he could. That’s why he was smart as a child. They received better education than a regular black kid because, Martins family made very smart choices in how to raise their kids and which path to go.
Martin’s first experience of racism was in elementary school when he had white friends. His friends had to go to a different elementary school because of the strict rules of color. Outside of school, martin and his corcasion friends liked to play together but their parents didn’t want Martin to come over anymore because of his color. This is what caused Martins mother to have a conversation about slavery and how it all started with him. Martin was really heartbroken.

As said before Martin has experienced racism. Other than the word racism prejudice means unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or...

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