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Mary, Queen of Scots Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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The debate of whether Mary, Queen of Scots was responsible for her own downfall and to what extent or on the contrary this was caused by the attacks and plotting of others towards her person has been argued for centuries. While some historians like Antonia Fraser or John Guy, to name some, maintain that she was a good monarch and did not have much choice but to act according to the situation in which she was the way she did it, others, like Jenny Wormald or Michael Lynch for example, claim that she was an incompetent ruler who failed to restore Catholicism and maintain stability in Scotland.¹
There are various arguments in favour of her as a ruler. Firstly, nobility was divided in Scotland, which created a climate of conflict and instability. This was one of the main causes of trouble during her reign.² Those who define Mary as a good monarch claim that although Scottish noble families were divided and in conflict with each other when the queen arrived, she did manage to solve the situation, at least temporarily, as claimed by Donaldson³ and Lynch.⁴ Then, there was the issue of a female ruler: people like John Knox fiercely opposed the idea of a queen leading the fate of the Scottish or any other nations. And although many nobles did not share Knox’s radical views they saw the rule of a woman as contra nature. However, they accepted Mary and decided to judge her by her performance.⁵ She contributed to this by using her diplomatic skills to win her subjects over, although she lacked other skills when it came to grasp the political scenario of the different regions she visited in her trips to win the sympathy of her subjects.⁶ Finally, and probably most important of all, the religious situation in which Scotland was after the Reformation of 1560, Protestantism being the official religion, was not the perfect scenario for the coming of a new monarch who happened to be catholic. It could be argued that Mary did not contribute to ease the situation by insisting on the...

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