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Masdar City Essay

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Masdar City

Masdar City: A Futuristic Model of Sustainable City
Mohammad Al Haj Ali
Al Hosn University

English Communication Skills – FAS 101
Mark Neville

Masdar City
Masdar City: A Futuristic Model of Sustainable City

      In the recent years of 21st Century the pollution of the world natural environment has floated to the surface, the pollution caused many natural disasters and famines. It started to have a big concern of the world governments and the UN. One of the leading futuristic projects is invested by the UAE government which Masdar city is proclaimed to be the world's perfectly zero carbon and waste city, the city will be provided by 100 percent clean energy using the best technologies. This project to build this kind of sustainable and healthy city will require 22$ Billion till the project is done ( Lau, 2009), but it's not waste of money . Indeed Masdar city will be a model for the sustainable eco-friendly city in Tomorrow land considering three main reasons I have chosen in my research.
    Masdar city will use only full sustainable energy to supply the city with clean energy and to meet with the city demand of energy. Masdar city will run almost on power from the sun on such technologies like Photovoltaics and concentrating solar power. In fact Masdar power is constructing the largest concentrating solar power plant in the world to meet with 90% of the power demand of the city (The Reality of future energy, 2011). Masdar city is also working on making waste recycling plant. This plant the garbage will sort out and recycle or use for compost, sewage will be transformed into fuel (Kevin, 2009). Also one of   Masdar city clean energy use will come from the geothermal energy which is the heat that come from the deep under the ground. This technology will provide of hot water and it will be used for domestic use (The global Centre of Future Energy, 2011). Many other new technologies will run this city and provide it with 100...

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