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Maslow, Herzberg & Mcgregor’s Theories Essay

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In this scenario you have some many different issues going on at Sun-2-Shade. You have employees that are no longer motivated; you have employees that just don’t want to come in to work. This is not how a business should be, employees so be eager and excited about coming into the workplace. So this is my intake on the Maslow, Herzberg & McGregor’s theory to solve this issue.
First off we need to solve the issues that are currently going on in the office, you have employee’s that don’t seem motivated, you have people complaining about their job being boring , you have employees coming in late, then you have some that apparently don’t want my help. So what I suggest is that we try solving these issues using Maslow’s motivational theory. Now his theory included Physiological, Safety, Social, Esteem & Self-actualization needs. Now hopefully all of our employees have the basic needs.
Maslow stated that “people are motivated to satisfy unmet needs and needs that have already been satisfied no longer provide motivation”. I think to motivate the unmotivated we need to find something that is motivational something that they have never done, such as setting a goal for them to reach in a certain amount of time and giving them more recognition and acknowledgement (esteem needs). For the complainers saying their job is boring maybe they need to develop to one’s potential (self-actualization needs).
As far as Herzberg’s theory his thing is what makes the employees work to their full potential. With his theory employees would feel like they can contribute feel important and want responsibility. With McGregor’s theory he had an X and Y. Theory X management explains that their work depends on their attitudes towards workers. Theory Y assumptions are about how people enjoy work and they work towards their goals.
My conclusion is the best way to motivate employees is to make the job fun and interesting, make sure they are reaching their goals and using their potential to the...

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