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Math Story Essay

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“Red 76, 79 hut hut hut.” They snapped the ball. The quarterback tossed the ball to the running back. Everyone in the crowd was focused on the played with the ball. But he was only able to gain a few yards. The quarterback glanced at the scoreboard and saw only 10 seconds left in the game. He knew this final try would determine if they win the game or not. He weighted his options whether he should pass or run the ball. And in the back of his head he even wondered if he should run the ball himself. As everyone lined up at the the line of scrimmage everything seemed to move in slow motion. The quarterback yelled out the last play of the night. “Blue 47, 62 hut hut hut.” The ball was hiked and the quarterback stood as if he was going to throw long. Then all of a sudden the quarterback bursted through the crowd of teammates and ooposing players. He was in the open field with no one around him. He sprinted with all the little energy he had left. The fans stood on their feet cheering their beloved quarterback on. All the time was gone off the clock so he could not afford to mess up. The announcer blared over the loud speaker again, “He could go all the way!” But the sudden loudness made the quarterback lose concentration. He began to stumble down the field. “He’s at the 20…10…5…” the announcer reported. The quarterback tried to end with a spatacular finish by diving in the inzone. But he fell short of the touchdown. His teammates walked off the field with disappointment in their heart. The crowd left quickly because of the emotional toll the game put them through. But all the quarterback could do was sit there. Thinking about how things would have been different if he wouldn’t have tried to show off. “This is all my fault,” he keep repeating out loud to himself. Then he started to think was it selfish of him to try and make the touchdown. Maybe if he would have passed it he would be celebrating a victory. Now they are 5-1 because of one mistake that could probably have...

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