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Mayan Intro Essay

  • Submitted by: jdaine
  • on October 7, 2012
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Imagine yourself living in a magnificent city of stone with soaring pyramids, spectacular art and monumental architecture.   If you were part of the Maya civilization, this would have been your world.   The Mayans lived in the Pre-Columbian era, around 100,000 years ago in, what is now, present day Central America.   While the Maya culture is noted for having a fully developed written language, as well as sophisticated mathematical and astronomical systems, a public fascination with the morbid has made them better known for their use of sacrifices.   They weren’t, however, just about death and sacrifice.   The Mayans enjoyed playing games and deeply valued their family life.   Whatever activities the marvelous Maya people were doing, however, their daily existence centered around and was directed by a need to please the gods.   The Mayans were prompted by a pervasive passion to please their gods.

Since the gods were so important to the Mayan people, their cities were built around religious centers.   At the heart of the city, the Maya usually built tall limestone pyramids, with temples on top.   Surrounding the pyramids and temples were the Mayan homes.   Normal sized Mayan families lived in small houses.   The houses, which were made of wooden poles and had roofs of palm leaves or grass, had one main room for cooking and eating.   The main room was simple with little furniture, except for wooden stools, a table and chairs.   The family would sleep on mats in a separate room.   During day, the mats were rolled up and stored in the rafters.   The house may also have included a storage room, where pots and food was kept.   The Maya used cooking pots and dishes.   Sometimes pieces of broken pottery were used as plates.   Courtyards, gardens and family shrines were shared by several homes and were a common place that people could gather to show their respect to the gods.

Everyone in the Mayan family helped with daily work.   Working hard and pleasing family members showed the gods...

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