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Measuring Brand Performance Essay

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“Measuring & Interpreting Brand Performance”
Buyer & Consumer Behaviour (SP2, 13)
Major Assignment – Part B

Section 1: Brand Performance

Question 2
Explain the difference between a repertoire market and a subscription market.

The sole purpose of a business is to create customers. (Peter Drucker)

Repertoire market: The customer is king according to the big businesses; the same customer that makes or breaks businesses chooses brands according personal wishes or taste, judgment or budget.   Democratic freedom means that the customer need not be a loyal slave to a particular brand. In the modern marketplace, almost any product you can think of- cars, cosmetics, beer, garments- are manufactured, advertised and sold in a mind-boggling repertoire and the consumer is on a joy ride; I mean those who can afford it and remain within the annual income parameters. The customer finally should have the freedom of choice, of experimentation, of focusing and making decisions that may affect the entire family, office or community; the power of advertising through a multitude of media can mould those important choices the individual makes.

Subscription market: In comparison to the choice repertoire market, the subscription market is tame, staid and sometimes in the rut. A subscription market narrows down and limits your choices and was probably what the old generation did, something like lifelong service as compared to the more competitive contract services of modern times. If you subscribed to a particular newspaper like The Times of India, you lose the liberty to experiment with several other newspapers! Yet satisfaction and loyalty belong to the subscription domain, and refers to the long term commitment of the individual who wants to play it safe and carve a niche amidst the ups and down of market forces. The subscription system is certainly older and time tested, harking back to the times when little or no choices were available like handmade shoes as...

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