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Media Ethics Essay

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If I was a news editor , I would choose to use the 911 tape of Karla Guiterrez on air. This incident is news worthy for the general public. Although, it is tragic I feel that this story would be informative, because it could be turned into a story that will provide awareness. Yet, I will not air all of the tape. I would edit the tape to relevant portions that would help mold the story. Even though other stations would air the story during the 5pm news, I would give brief details of the incident to cover the segment and announce that a full story would be coming soon. By doing this, I have brought the attention to the surface but also to keep the audience intrigued and interested that a full story would be developing and aired as well. It keeps the interest flowing and can be used as a tool to bring in more viewers as the buzz of the accident and curiosity grows. As news director, I want to use the Gutierrez incident to develop a complete story to bring awareness to the viewers. Unfortunate incidents happen every day, but one such as this needs to be brought to the attention of the general public. Gutierrez family released the tape to the media for a purpose. I would develop the story to include interviews with the family to give a depiction of Gutierrez personally and to advise that this could happen to anyone. For this story, I would include tips on ways to avoid situations such as this as well.
In the tape, you could hear the panic and confusion that was in her voice during her last moments. The journalistic purpose of this story would be to inform, educate, and hopefully prevent other occurrences similar to this accident. Educating the viewers about the appropriate and safe way to deal with an accident would be the main intention. My approach with this story would be to break down each mistake in its entirety then to address accurate and appropriate information detailing how to correct the mistakes that were made to avoid the situation. For an example, I would...

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