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Media in 21st Century Essay

  • Submitted by: Kamalludin
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Media in 21st Century


By ending WW-II the world of Media started its developing era and it was an
instrumental opportunity for Media person to develop, as the Media
developed in all around the world special in Western and Northern areas of
the world as the British Broadcasting Company established in the United
Kingdome and the Voice of America established in United Stat of America and
so too much channels in all over the world.
Talking about the media in 21st century globally needs months of time to
cover all these.
Here I am touching the Media in Asia; actually it is also such talking about
media globally.
It will be better to talk generally about the Media of Afghanistan in 21st
The incident of 11th September-2001, was a chance or opportunity for Media
of Afghanistan, when the NATO attacks on Afghanistan and removed the
Taliban from the Scene of that period and that time, the Media in Afghanistan
started a new area to develop and to grow.
After the fall of the Taliban regime the first Electronic Media/TV in
Afghanistan was the Herat National Television Chanel (Television Millie
Herat) which started its broadcasts and it was exactly 48hrs after establishing
of new government in Afghanistan.
Soon after that many more TV channels, Radio Broadcasts, Newspapers,
Magazines has started in governmental and private sectors.
Actually these all private channels were claiming that are a non-governmental
and independent channel, in fact establishing a TV channel need do budget of
Thousands of Dolor and it is not too easy for a resident of a country engaged
in war for decades and neither for a Businessman whose income is note more
than a thousand dolor a month.
Suppose that there was a person with a high income who could establish a
channel, in such a country how many people will be the millionaires to have

the ability to establish a Global TV channel, but we are looker on of dozens of
Private TV channels in Afghanistan...

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