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Media Uses Looks to Sell Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Dr. Kim

ENGL 110-05

July 13, 2010

Media Uses Looks to Sell

How has advertisement grown so much that they now shape the way we see the world? Media has changed tremendously over time. “Over time media has evolved to the average citizen places great trust in spokesperson to provide them with all important information they need in the world” (Christy Rackoczy). Media in the modern times uses advertisements to persuade people to buy things. All advertisements seem to appeal to a particular audience. For example, who said looks were everything to good advertising?   In society today media focuses more on how the person looks while modeling the product, instead of the product itself. Media and advertising has made the world think they have to look a certain way to do certain things. No one has to have a perfect body, clear skin, or sex appeal to advertise products. The media influences others appearance through advertisements such as, magazines, music videos, and commercials.

In the Essence April 2010 magazine edition, they use beauty to advertise their hair products. In this particular advertisement they used a beautiful black woman with nice clear skin, long, silky, straight hair. They focus on her hair to try and persuade people that if they buy this hair product they too may have hair like hers. What they don’t tell people is that the product may cause hair loss or flakey scalp. This advertisement may use slanting to make one think it is possible to have hair like hers. An example of slanting would be, this product adds everlasting straightness, but may cause hair breakage. Advertisements gets people attention by drawing all the attention to the model knowing that the person would not take the time out to read label.

In today’s music videos, video producers add sexual appearance to try and catch people attention. Sometimes there are people in there making a fool of themselves without them evening knowing. The author from “The Cult of the Amateur”...

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