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Mediation Essay

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Third Party
Ashlee Harris


Third Party
Third party interventions are used when an issue is rising at a high risk, and when the parties are not able to clarify the basis of the conflict.   Third party intervention includes three different strategies which are mediation, arbitration, and facilitators.   In the “Power Play for Howard”, the possible intervention strategies that can be implemented is either mediation or arbitration.   According to the text, mediation is “the most common third-party intervention and negotiators surrender control over the process while maintaining control over outcomes.”   Mediation is used to facilitate communication by helping the parties talk together effectively, and the mediator encourages both parties to use constructive conflict management behaviors.  
The second third-party intervention is arbitration.   Arbitration “allows negotiators to have considerable control over the process but they have little or nonexistent control over outcomes (University of Phoenix).   With arbitration, each party negotiates to reach the agreement, and arbitration is used to resolve the conflict by having someone neutral in the situation make a decision for the two parties.  
The best strategy to use in the case of Juwan Howard fighting for a contract between the Washington Bullets and the Miami Heat is including a mediator.   In the “Power Play for Howard” case study, the stakes of Juwan Howard came at a high price and providing a mediator to help the negotiation process flow smoothly would help Juwan Howard get the best contract he felt he deserved.   Washington Bullets was in a fight to keep Juwan Howard from going to Miami Heat after becoming a free agent.   Juwan Howard had solicited that he receive a $100 million dollar contract with the Washington Bullets or he would move south to Miami Heat.   He was prepared for a long fight and highly stake negotiations between the two.   All negotiations took place after the new labor...

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